Верхнее пальто с блестками

Верхнее пальто с блестками


Glitter Top Coat: This shimmering silver glitter nail polish offers flawless coverage and outstanding wear; wear it alone or as a top coat to add multifaceted luxurious texture to any signature color.

Our exclusive easy-glide brush works on all nail sizes for quick, even, professional application.

Apply one coat of any of our base coats to your nails; follow with two coats of our original nail polish; finish with any of our Glitter Top Coats; original nail gels come in over a thousand subtle colors in the latest fashion And cultural trends, make your nail art infinite possibilities.

3128-CCT Верхнее искрообразующее покрытие

This top coat gel is loved by many because it's so stylish and can be used over any base color. If you use this product in dark colors, the shiny effect will be more obvious.

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3127-DIT Верхнее УФ-гелевое покрытие с блестками своими руками

Our unicorn top coat is the perfect addition to the must-have manicure. The glittery finish transforms your nails into an iridescent, unicorn effect for just a few extra dollars.

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3120G-SJFC Кусочек золота с бриллиантами Блестящий верхний гель

Take your nail art looks to the next level with these sparkle top coats in different colors. Pair this product with our other glitters and non-irregular glitters to create an array of gorgeous nail looks.

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3120G-QCTZ Разноцветные брызги

Add a new twist to your gel manicures with this additive top coat. The clear base is replete with multi-coloured particles that will give your nails a powdery effect with every swipe. You will love it!

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