Гель-лак с легкой сменой цвета

Гель-лак с легкой сменой цвета


Light Change Gel Polish: This color-changing gel nail polish was inspired by an ombré cocktail. At the party, it will be the most attractive with a glass of colorful cocktails. Pink Glitter Mood Changing Gel Nail Art Kit, beautiful shades in popular and trendy ombré colors, suitable for spring, summer, autumn, winter and everyday life!

The color gel polish set is made of natural resin, certified by SGS, compliant with REACH of European Regulation (EC) No.1907/2006, low odor and will not harm your nails. No need to apply 2-3 coats, this nail polish is highly pigmented and requires only one coat for sheer color.

Color Changing Uv Gel Nails Polish&Gelish Ombre Coat-If you need to buy nail tools; nail polish glue; water agent; functional glue; accessories, please contact us.

2891H-XRBQL II Летнее мороженое

2891H-XRBQL II Light Changing Gel Polish offers a quick-changing color and long-lasting product that changes through changes in the sun's UV rays.

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2891H-YGMY Светоизменяющий гель для кошачьего глаза

The unique cat eye design is filled with a color-changing gel that changes when it meets the outdoor ultraviolet rays. With the crystal cat-eye effect, it is like a very dreamy shimmering gem.

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3559-HPMC Мутабельная королева

The 3559-HPMC gel polish in the palette has colors that change color from the temperature of the environment, light and also from your body temperature. And it glows brightly in the dark

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