Клей-гель для кончиков ногтей

Клей-гель для кончиков ногтей


Nail Tip Glue Gel: Solid glue gel for soft gel tips, using innovative nail glue to cure quickly in 30-40 seconds, bright and transparent glue gel with no yellowing and good stickiness.

Nail Tip Glue Gel is easy to use: The solid glue gel helps spread evenly on the tip, fits your nails perfectly, the solid glue does not need to hold the tip while curing, for beginners or manicurists. Save time and money.

Nail Tip Glue Gel Lasting: The solid nail glue gel can maintain the sticky function, not easy to stick to dirt, and the thin and solid adjustable glue gel can better connect the tip and nails, and it is not easy to fall off.

Nail Tip Glue Gel harmless ingredients glue: low odor, no harm to nails, innovative ingredients absorbable nail glue gel solid needs to be cured can well protect the original nails, easy to remove without destroying natural nails.

Nail Tip Glue Gel is suitable for all kinds of nail tips: it can be used with ordinary nail tips, especially soft gel nail tips, and can also be used for translucent pressure on nails, with excellent stickiness.

Gelish Soft Gel Tips Short Round Kit,If you need to buy nail tools; nail polish glue; water agent; functional glue; accessories, please contact us.

3856 Glue Glue Gel Gel

Получите достойные салон наращивание ногтей с помощью нашего геля для наконечника для ногтей 3856. Эта четкая, твердое гелевое формула обеспечивает сверхпрочную, но гибкую связь для безопасного применения наконечника ногтей. Удобная трубка сжимания обеспечивает точное, точное применение, точное применение клей.

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3839F Клей-гель с низкой вязкостью для кончиков ногтей

Missgel 3839F Nail Tip Glue Gel is a firm hold for artificial nails. The best choice for anyone who likes to keep their nail tips perfectly in place!

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3839H Клей-гель для типсов средней вязкости

Our nail tip glue gel is the perfect solution for brides, prom and special event day nails. This glue is used to adhere our nail tips onto the natural nail creating a beautiful look that lasts up to 2 weeks.

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1508A-4877 Клей-гель для кончиков ногтей Soild

This new type of nail gel is especially suitable for beginners. The gummy-like texture makes the application process very easy and non-floating for a flawless look.

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