Прозрачное резиновое базовое покрытие

Прозрачное резиновое базовое покрытие


Clear Rubber Base Coat and Rubber Top Coat are thicker than regular base and top coats, making them ideal for problem, thin and brittle nails. It smooths out any indentations or unevenness on the nail surface, leaving you with a flawless nail base.

Easy to extend nails, it is recommended to extend 2cm. Because of the thick texture, it self-levels quickly but doesn't spread and won't run over the side rolls and cuticles. Since the rubber base and top are thicker than normal base and top, the extra thickness protects and strengthens your natural nails .

Clear Rubber Base Coat, a durable rubber base coat and high gloss top coat. Healthy ingredient product, low odor, non-toxic. Reminder: Curing under UV/LED nail drying lamp, curing time: average 30-60 seconds for LED lamp, 2-4 minutes for UV lamp.

3839M 3 в 1 Функции Раствор для скольжения/Основа/Гель-клей для ногтей

This double slip bottom design is perfect for use in beauty salons, allowing you to easily apply gel and gel-resistant finishes. The one of ours ballerina is the revolutionary tool that will change your life!

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2816A-3 Основание из прозрачной резины

A rubber base coat that is flexible and bends together with the nail. Rubber will give extra strength to flaky, brittle, thin, or splitting nails.

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3828 Прозрачная резиновая основа - новая

This is the upgraded version of 2816A-3. It has a medium and flexible consistency that makes it easy to distribute and will help you with aligning your nail plate, and hide flaws and imperfections.

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